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  Located in New Norway Alberta just 20 min south of Camrose. We are dedicated to creating a positive, safe and fun paintball experience to people of all ages.  We are an outdoor facility and run from spring to snowfall.

Silver Creek Paintball opened in 2003 and is owned and operated by Klayton and Leanne.  We have an excellent staff to ensure a great day of play.  We offer 8 high quality playing fields in a fun, clean and safe environment.

*Download waiver form (click on Download waiver to bring up waiver and print out what you need.)

 Hours of operation. We are closed Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. We are open for your reservation Thursday and Friday 4:30-9:00, Saturday 10:00-9:00, Sunday 10:00-6:00. By reservation only.

Our paintball season usally goes till the end of October (Weather permitting) . Spring, Summer and  Fall are all a great time to play.

For reservation or information call: Leanne at (780)855-2247 between 9 am and 8pm (please call only during business hours, thank-you)

We can make your next: reunion, company party, youth group, sports team event, birthday, stag/stagette or just for fun day of paintball a fun and memorable event!  BBQ's available to use at no charge.




 Don't have a group to play with?

WALK-ON:   A great way to make new friends.

Walk on for 2015 season 

Walk on night every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month 5:00 to dusk, paint cost $25/500 balls or $90/2000 balls.

We do an evening walk on the first and third Thursday of every month (check your calendar for the dates)

Walk on Saturdays at 1:00  and Sundays at 1:00. No need to call just show up ready to go at 1:00pm.

Show up at 1:00 on Saturdays and Sundays  for walk on group, all walk on players will be joined together into a beginner or an advanced group.

Silver Creek offers 3 different types of paintball

1: Regular .68 caliber paintball       

2: Low impact .50 caliber paintball

 3: Super low impact Splatmaster  


1: .68 caliber paintball

.68 caliber is our regular and most popular paintball marker. Players 10 and up can play .68 caliber paintball. See our price page for paintball package deals.

2: 50 caliber low impact paintball

New for 2015 we are offering 50 caliber rental equipment. 50 cal paintball is a low impact form of paintball.  The paintballs are smaller than regular paintballs and travel at a slower velocity which creates much less of an impact when the paintball strikes a player.  The equipment uses a hopper and air source just like a regular paintball marker but is smaller and less weight.  The prices for 50 cal paintball is the same as regular paintball, if you would like to play 50 cal paintball you must indicate at the time of booking. Players 8 and up can play .50 cal paintball.See our price page for paintball package deals.

3:  Splat Master 50 caliber super low impact paintball!

Splat Master 50 calibre paintball is a super low impact form of paintball. The paintballs are much smaller and shoot at a much slower velocity. This game is geared for those who do not like the impact created by a paintball. The equipment is very light and does not have an attached air source. Splatmaster is a very good way for younger players just getting into the sport. Splatmaster groups are supervised at all times by a trained referee. Kids as young as 8 years can play Splat Master. See our price page for our Splat Master package deals for birthdays, youth groups, team functions, corporate or any event.


      How to Prepare For a Regular Day of Play
  1. Alcohol is not allowed on premises
  2. 48 hour cancellation  notice is required
  3. Minimum age requirement is 10 years or big enough to wear safety equipment for paintball, 9 years for Splat Master .
  4. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and proper footwear. We provide Coveralls and Gloves (free of charge)
  5. Players younger than 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver form.
  6. BBQ's and fire pits are free of charge, but must be reserved at time of booking.
  7. (Optional: Bring a hat or bandanna for extra head protection.)


June 21 and 22nd "Stay Dead Events" zombie simulation scenario

2014 "Vallhalla Rising" game

2013 "Silver Creek Cup" game

 Silver Creek Cup half time Splatmaster show.

Running the guantlet at the Silver Creek Cup (he actually wanted to do it!)


"10 year anniversary game"

Thanks to CAM FM for coming out to help us celebrate, and thanks to Lukas for going into the dunk tank to help raise money for the animal protection society!

Thanks to Sam for going into dunk tank with all his gear on.

Dont ask!

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